Eldy, the computer for the elderly

4 05 2009

Eldy is since 2006 the first software dedicated to the elderly.


"the square" - the main interface of ELDY

Eldy brings elderly to use computer and to enjoy the internet revolution.

Eldy allows elderly to easy access all most important functions: email(any pop3/imap account), chat, browsing internet, weather, text editor, streaming and a lot more.

Eldy is freeware in Java and works on Linux and Windows.
Eldy has hundreds of thousands of elderly users worldwide.

Eldy is perpetual free of charge and free from commercials.

download ELDY 2.0 in English, French, Dutch and Italian

presentations: LINK


-see Eldy cases page at epractise.eu

Let your senior enjoy the web and web 2.0 experience!




3 responses

14 10 2008
Akjus Richard

This is a very nice project.
i think we’ll be interested into trying to disseminate it in Sweden.
Please contact me for a e-inclusion elderly project (we are nearby Norrkoping)

15 10 2008
6 05 2009
Stan Cohen

I am building a new web project for the elderly and their families. I have interest in your project and product

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