Training Elderly on computer

Eldy (freeware for the elderly , see the case) , even if you give user the CD at their hands of our software , can express it’s real effect only if we support and at least some basic, even un-structured training, and motivation to proceed into digital life.

We work very hard to provide elderly different training opportunity.
– support from local (eg. at library , where they can find pc and a micro-training)
– at social centers (with training, with or without computer lab)
– at recovery house(with training, with or without computer lab)

One good thing we have seen is that – for the way Eldy has been engineered- in a matter of minutes elderly start chatting and writing email, so they get confident and get motivation.

we have seen that the “Train the trainer” approach is the best. The best is if the members of family are involved into teaching to elderly.

Since september there ‘s a brand new way of teaching: you will see in a matter of hours a new Case online here at eupractise from dott.ssa Anna Bianco, President of Eldy


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